Why and how one can say no to racism?

Amidst this COVID 19 pandemic, one thing that has Shook our hearts is the death of George Floyd. He was killed by police men only because of the fact that he is a black man. Black people are treated differently from others with white skin tone and it is totally devastating. They are also people and they have back complexion. Their skin tone should have nothing to do with the way they are getting treated.

Black people are often ill-treated and they are usually portrayed as bad and sometimes evil and it is only because they are black. We have to change this kind of thoughts in people and should take some necessary steps to curb this menace. Most of the people are suffering with this aspect and as a responsible man and woman; it is our duty to change this kind of perspective. People should show the support to all lives matter and so these souls can be treated well.

 There are numerous ways to show your support to this kind of things and one of them is by purchasing and wearing the black lives matter shirt. It can be real eye opener and can help people to ignore racist thoughts in individuals. We all are human and moreover we all are beautiful in our own way. No one is superior and none is inferior to any one and all are equal in front of god.

So, the thing is people should be differenced and should not be treated by the way only based on the bad things they did but not based on their color.