Top frequent questions asked about wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are how the third or last molars of both the jaw and upper jaw are popularly known. Also referred to in the professional sector as “cordales”, these molars are very popular among society. In this article we answer the most frequent questions that patients always ask themselves when they think of their wisdom teeth. Click here for singapore dental wisdom tooth extraction.

Why is it sometimes recommended not to remove the wisdom teeth?

It is fair to say that sometimes wisdom teeth erupt perfectly and do not present any threat. On other occasions, its withdrawal presents more risks to the patient than its own preservation. It is in these cases when we recommend not to extract and monitor them periodically to confirm that it is not necessary to change criteria. Visit this site for singapore dental wisdom tooth extraction.

How and when should they be removed?

There are people who prefer to remove all the teeth at once. Others prefer to remove them one at a time or two at a time. Our advice is to study each case individually and always apply the simplest and friendliest protocol so that you have the most positive experience. The ideal time to start assessing the need to withdraw them is the end of adolescence.

remove the wisdom teeth

What is its extraction?

Each wisdom tooth is unique and its withdrawal can be very varied to the point that it can be procedures that last from 5 minutes to more than one hour. In all cases, local anesthesia is applied to avoid any type of pain. In some cases it is necessary to open the gum to access the tooth and give some stitches for proper healing.

What care should I have if they take them away?

The support of antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medication is very frequent. Some of the most common tips are to maintain good oral hygiene, do not perform sports activity in two-three days, do not smoke, maintain a soft diet the first few days, do not eat very hot foods and do not rinse very strongly during the first 24 hours