Tips for designing custom awards and trophies

Individuals who have achieved with your organization might be given personalized honors and trophies. The rewards may be created to become more unforgettable to the receiver while also gently advertising your company. Custom awards may now be manufactured in almost any dimension, shape, or color. Rather than merely writing the winners’ names on the trophies, you may make them genuinely “unique” in a variety of inventive ways. Below are a few suggestions for making your luxury custom awards shine out and create an impression on the receivers.

Go for unconventional shapes

The standard square or rectangle award is so prevalent that the desired impression on the receiver might well be lost. Why not design a one-of-a-kind personalized award? The prize is not limited to mathematical forms; it could even lead to the formation of sculptures. The award form must suit the award’s function. Aside from the form, you could personalize the award by changing the color. For instance, the reward might be in the color of your winner’s choice.


Include a memorable photo

You could include your firm’s emblem or a picture of the winner depicting the accomplishment that earned the award. You may, for instance, add the recipient’s photograph and the group they collaborated with, a personalized photo developed by your business to express gratitude, a snapshot displaying the accomplishments the recipient accomplished, and so on.

Select best quality material

When developing a customized trophy or plaque, there are numerous materials to pick from, such as acrylics, crystalline, glasses, or a combination of metals. An acrylics or crystal trophy may be laser-engraved, whilst a metallic trophy could be fashioned in a variety of forms. The form and appearance of the trophy could also be influenced by whether it is handmade or device-made.

Engrave meaningful quote

Engraving motivational phrases or a meaningful remark on awards or plaques may provide a beautiful, personal touch while motivating your beneficiaries to maintain up the excellent job. You may imprint the quotations with multiple characters, line-heights, emblems, and colors to give your award/trophy a particular dignity and grace. The quote can be something that is encouraging the receiver to be more perfect in his work.