Things to Check Out Before Investing In a Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a most versatile kind of saws used today. Whether it is carpeting or cutting pipes, metal, or other materials, this tool can be used for various purposes. Buying the right jigsaw is tough decision to make. If you are the saw experts, you can check out some top features that you want to have in your jigsaw. Buyer must invest in a jigsaw, which is efficient & value for money. It’s very important you consider a few important factors before you buy a jigsaw to ensure that it fulfills all your purposes. Thus, let us go ahead and discuss some important features your jigsaw needs to have.

Can Jigsaw Be Used for Cutting Wood?

Jigsaws used for wood cutting are quite a commonplace as it is the standard job where they’re used. Thus, cutting wood with saw is one easy task. But, there is a little variation in material thicknesses, which jigsaws will cut efficiently and safely. The blade length, the base of saw, number of teeth & tooth pitch, wood softness, as well as power have bearing on suitability of the jigsaw used for wood.

Best Reciprocating Saw

Cordless and Corded Variety

Most of the battery-powered jigsaws provide a lot of convenience to work without the cord and used away from the sources of electricity. Again, batteries are not lightweight, hence the battery-powered saw is a bit heavier and tiring compared to the corded saw model.

Stroke Rate

Jigsaw needs to have an option of changing the stroke rate. Never buy any tool that does not include this feature. Some of the modern jigsaws provide 3500 strokes. For safety reason, blades are closed during the operation with protective cover and some rules for the stroke rate include:

  • An average stroke rate is important for aluminum and plastics.
  • For sawing wood, it is important to go with high blade rate.
  • Ceramic material uses least rate.
  • Steel needs low stroke rate.