Bitcoin trading is an exciting way to invest in the stock market. Here, the investor does not need to buy an asset, but must guess in which direction it can go. Bitcoin are an easy and effective way to invest in stocks and do a little more in parallel, sometimes in less than 60 minutes!

The Bitcoin code means “two”, and in this type of negotiation there can only be two results: the invested asset will grow or fall in price. For example, a trader invests $ 100 in a specific asset and assumes that his shares will rise at the end of the week. If the share increases during this period of time, the investor makes a profit, but if the share falls, the investor suffers losses.

How do you do this?

To perform a bitcoin to inr transaction, an investor must first select an asset, which can be a product, index, stocks or foreign currency. After that, they should choose a time frame or expiration time for their forecast; It can be from a month to a week, a day or even an hour. Then, the operator must choose in which direction, in his opinion, the value of the asset will move, depending on what type of benefit he will receive or lose. If the investor places a purchase option (above) and the price goes up, he obtains a profit, and if he puts a sale option (falls) and the price falls, the profit is obtained again.