Setting Up A Company In Singapore As A Foreigner

As one of the best cities in the world that attracts foreign investors, many people have the thought of setting up a company in singapore as a foreigner to make money. However,you can’t just visit Singapore and establish a company. There are things you must know and do to achieve your target of becoming a company owner in Singapore. The strength in stable currency, tax benefits, vibrant investment and corruption free environment is one of the reasons many prefer Singapore to other countries of the world for business establishment. Many people prefer to set their company in Singapore as a foreigner by first registering a private limited company.A private limited company offerslimited liability and has a separate identity.

Registering a Company in Singapore

To register a company in Singapore as a foreigner, you must hire experts from an experienced and reputable Singaporecompany registration services provided to assist you. You will get all the advice you need concerning company registration such as Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, work passes you have to submit to Singapore authorities and others.

setting up a company in singapore as a foreignerEntrepreneur Pass

To set up a company in Singapore, you need the assistance of a resident director to register a company. As a foreigner, fulfilling the requirement of a resident director maynot be able. APermanent Resident, Singapore citizen, or Entrepreneur pass cantake this position. Nevertheless, you can still apply to the Ministry of Manpower for the Entrepass. Onreceiving theapproval to set and register your company, youcan join your company and work in the country of Singapore as the director.