Order traditional Thai printed กางเกงยีนส์ mc and t-shirts online at Leony stores

Thai prints and designs have always been on demand. People tend to shop a lot of items when they visit the south-east Asian countries including Thailand. So Leony store came up with the idea of selling Thai printed jeans and t-shirts online. The Thai prints are very famous because these are traditional prints unique to the region and is popular all around the globe. These prints are not new but they have been slightly modernised with the help of Thai art keeping the traditional point in mind.

Leony stores have all different Thai printed clothing and fashion items

You can find กางเกงยีนส์ mc which is the popular Thai printed jeans and even t-shirts with Thai prints on them. You can customise these items according to the prints available in their site. You just have to visit their site and choose the print and then you can choose the item on which you will get this print. The price is moderate according to the market price of these items in Thailand. The Leony stores came up with the concept of infusing street style Thai art into the mainstream fashion industry to save the traditional Thai art and also promote it further around the globe.

printed clothing and fashion items

You can also find certain items on sale

There are many items on this site which are put up on sale and are priced relatively lower than that of other items. So, if you want something cheaper than you can go through the sale section of the site to find items which are comparatively much cheaper despite having the similar art and quality.

Check out the blog of Leony stores

If you want to stay updated about the recent fashion trends that are popular in south-east Asia then you can check out the blog of the Leony stores to get all information about international and local fashion and also where you can find these items and how you can effectively carry it off.

Accept online banking as a payment mode

Leony stores only accept online banking as a mode of payment. So, if you have placed an order then you need to transfer the amount to their bank account and then upload the transaction slip to their site and finally place the order.

Thus overall it’s a great store to order traditional Thai printed items at affordable rates.