More about eat-and-go verification site

The eat-and-Come verifies that eat-and-go Police is the largest eat-and-run verification site in Korea. (Editor’s note: eat and eat and run verification site ‘eat’ (Eat) like the word ‘Eat,’ end with eating this word usually used to indicate what flavor, eat drink eat eat eat drink, so the two words together also appeared.) 먹튀검증업체 will also help you with the best toto site services.

As eat-and-go verification site eat-and-run police has seen the most visitors of the eat-and-run company for more than ten years, it is trying to make friends with eaters around the country by giving away free coupons.

Eat and run site eat and go Police opened last year on 20th anniversary’s Memorial Day, presenting “revenge coupon” with eaters’ participation which can be collected according to 5 eatings without leaving with the purchase point at each restaurant.


It turns out that eating taste, not just based on eating food quality but also because of other factors such as price, convenience. Eat & Go Police attracts attention for users who want to eat cheaply without spending too much time only looking at the picture first. This company has introduced a new concept called “fast food.”

The eat-and Go Police, which attracted attention with eat pull ring, provides only the dishes you want to eat in restaurants that you can see at a glance. When you press on each dish, the restaurant’s address is immediately displayed, and if it has already been identified as having its fingerprint, it can be used for identification.

Users can build their ratings by selecting 3 points for ‘really good, 2 points for ‘okay,’ and 1 point for ‘non-taster. The description about why they chose their rating will also be open to the public so others can also know why the person selected this number of points for this food. It was found that people eat its food.

In the future, the company will open a page where users can search for cafes and restaurants in major cities so that they can immediately find out what types of food are available where you live or even in your neighborhood.