Money exchange and remote payments: costs, diffusion, strengths

The exchange of money and remote payments go through different ways. The health emergency has favored, to a considerable extent, the spread of “remote” payment instruments with account cards and  신규 꽁머니

The obligation of quarantine and social distancing, the main effects of the pandemic, have generated a strong growth in remote telematic transactions. In fact, by limiting the exchange of coins and banknotes, security can be increased by reducing the risk of contagion with the virus that can use money to spread further.

The main services are available to those who have a current account to make payments (in affiliated shops) and to exchange money digitally. The service is supported by a large number of banking institutions and is connected directly to your current account, or to the prepaid card.

Among the main advantages of exchanging money through online Pay we find the cheapness of the transactions, which are often free. Many institutions, in fact, include service fees in the cost of the current account or debit card while others apply a fixed transaction, regardless of the contractual conditions of the card.

Another advantage available to those who use online Pay is the ability to “move” money using only the paired mobile number. The money is sent directly via smartphone, also taking advantage of the contacts directory on your device.

It is important to underline, in any case, that the support for online Pay is not complete. It is, in fact, a relatively new service that can count on about 2,000 affiliated commercial establishments and on a few dozen banks that support the use of this payment instrument.

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Account cards: fast and easy to manage from mobile devices. But tied to the current account

Account cards, generally associated with an IBAN, offer a high versatility of use, allowing you to credit your salary, make transfers, withdrawals and payments, in-store and online. Furthermore, in many cases, those who have a card account can also be P2P transactions by quickly sending money to their contacts.

It should also be noted that in most cases there is no monthly ceiling for payments, limited only by the funds in the account.

Among the advantages of the account cards we find the possibility to count on almost always free transactions (the commission is therefore included in the periodic cost of the matched current account) and to take advantage of instant money transfers. Note that the card and account can be managed from a single app.