Melanotan 2 Peptide: Everything In Brief

If you want a perfect tan without any side effects, then this article is made for you. Yes, it is possible to have a tan in a good manner. You should welcome Melanotan 2 peptide in your life. This incredible tanning peptide acts as a catalyst to encourage the production of melanin around your whole body. This protects you from UV rays and an easy, effective way to deep tan your body.

Melanotan peptide balances pigmentation of your skin, your immune system, and even other biological process happen for the wealth of other biological processes. This helps in boosting these peptides so that your body can react to any harmful UV rays in a natural way. This saves your time which you spend on the bed to minimize danger from UV rays.

It is a thriving solution to charge your skin with melanin to heal fast with less time and risk. This is suitable for fair-skinned people who belong to the category of Fitzpatrick skin type 1 &2.


  1. Less UV Exposure: MT2 helps you get a perfect tan without wasting time in sun exposure.
  2. Protects Skin: It encourages deep pigmentation around every layer of your skin. This helps to get tanned faster and saves you from ultraviolet rays damage.
  3. Fast & Long-Lasting: The natural tan will replace within 2-3 days, but it allows you to have a warm tan for a longer period of time without any sun exposure.

It is a regular therapy; you need to use it continuously for better results. But it does not mean that whatever tan you gained will be loosed if you stop using it. Tan will be there for a month and can be regained within a month.

It is retailed and supplied in the frozen, dried form that is sealed in sterile 10mg with manifold uses. You need to dilute the powder in sterile water before using it. You need to do this process at your home because water will get waste and its quality degrades if you don’t refrigerate it after mixing. You just need to¬†melanotan 2 mixing with 1-2ml sterile water for making the mixture.

Fitzpatrick skin chart?

People have differentiation in terms of their shapes, size, and even skin tone. So, Fitzpatrick’s skin chart divides the skin into six different categories. This helps in reducing your efforts to protect your skin from danger. So here are the skin types:

  • Skin Type I: This includes a very fair skin tone, which is more prone to burn and get tanned almost nil.
  • Skin Type II: This involves a fair tone which is prone to burn and can create a little bit tan in the summer
  • Skin Type III: It consists of medium skin tone, can burn, and develop tan fairly.
  • Skin Type IV: It involves olive skin tone, rarely burnt, and tanned well.
  • Skin Type V: It involves brown skin tone, never burns, tanned well.
  • Skin Type VI: It has definite pigmentation, never burns, tanned well.