Mask Your IP Address: Steps to Bypass Any Geo-Restriction Streaming Websites

The internet is a wide source for streaming online videos such as your favorite movies, series, documentaries, and so on. Those video contents can be accessed through the internet, besides, the popularity of video streaming services are now booming up among its subscribers and several service providers.

In spite of its popularity, some can’t truly enjoy the benefits of the internet because of geo-location. Internet is a place where everyone can freely share and devour web contents, regardless of the location, or where you live. But geo-restriction is becoming a major issue for all the internet users around the globe, it hindrance the freedom of everyone to share and devour any web content that they want.

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Geo-Restriction: What Is It and Why Does It Exist?

Geo-Restriction is a kind of methods used by companies to restrict or block access to their web content and services depending on the location of the user.

One of the good examples of geo-restriction practice is Netflix US. For example, when you try to access the streaming platform from other states, you’ll be redirected only to the video content database in your state and not in the whole US.

Maybe, you’re wondering why they can do that. Simply, all of these websites can see your location by the use of your IP address. By simply determining your IP address, your internet service provider will show some information about you, such as your location and where you’re browsing came from.

The reason behind the geo-restriction is that companies such as Netflix and the others, need to pay a large amount of money to buy the licensing rights from each country. This practice is performing during the days of television and radio, and channels depending on the country have their specific audience and budgets.

Sane with video streaming subscriptions, because of content licensing, it creates a huge problem in the whole internet community. If the world is connected to the internet, there should be no reason why a certain user or person cannot access a webpage from a different location.

But today, this article will give you the most popular methods on how to bypass geo-restricted websites. Just scroll down and keep on reading.

  • Use an Online Proxy Server or Browser

Online proxy server or browser acts as a middleman between the user (you) and to the internet. Proxy server uses its own IP address to access the webpage requested by the user. It has the ability to mask your original IP address and keep it hidden from the public, therefore the proxy server will use its own IP address to access the restricted webpage you requested. Besides, it uses local caching wherein it deliver faster result to the cached websites. It means if the proxy server finds the requested page on the database of local cache, the request will be returned to the user.

  • Hide Your IP Address with the Use of VPN

Virtual Private Network is a form of cybersecurity that makes an encrypted connection to the internet from your devices such as laptop, computer, tablet, and smartphones to the network. It has the ability to connect your network to a proxy serves which hides your original IP address and change your real location. Therefore, the VPN will give you your new virtual location.

VPN also hides your web data and make your web activity anonymously. In addition, it also works on different browsers and system level. Moreover, it has the ability to change your IP address in every application on your system and mobile from the original one.