Korean Jesus – Learn About The Shincheonji Church In South Korea

People who wish to seek Korean Jesus teachings can be a part of the Shincheonji church and learn the teachings. According to this church, the teachings claim that the church founder Lee is a pastor. In the new testament, he prophesied that the testament was sent by almightly Jesus Christ during the Second Coming. He also prophesied that the book of revelation is penned in many secret metaphors, and only Lee ha the ability to decipher those metaphors.

Lee was a member of a group called the Olive Tree before he found his religious movement. This new religious movement was spawned as the first-ever counterculture movement during post-war Korea. The Shincheonji church teaches that this movement will help the members achieve true faith, belief, and salvation during the final judgment. Nobody would be denied forgiveness and would find their real purpose in life.

Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

Shincheonji group

The group is considered to be apocalyptic and messianic when it comes to the character. The group is often described to be as a doomsday cult. The members of the church address him as Chairman Lee or the promised pastor and the one who overcomes. The group is also secretive, and one has to be a member to learn about the secret metaphor that is written in the Bible. This group also believes that at Judgement Day, Lee, the founder, will take around 144,000 adherents with him to heaven, where together they will lead a happy and eternal life.

To be a member of this group, one has to have the determination to seek the teachings of Korean Jesus and form a connection with him. This group doesn’t seem to have an official policy or something and is regarded more like a heretical, as stated by the Christian faith dominations of the mainstream religion. One will have to have solidarity when joining the group.