Is Beaver Creek Colorado a costly place to visit?

According to a new poll, Colorado’s Beaver Creek and adjacent Vail are the most costly ski resorts in North America. Snowbird would have been the most costly resort this year if not for the event. In specifically, the survey determined the average cost of the least costly double room for an overnight stay at each resort during the months of February and March. This two-month period serves as a good benchmark for comparison because it is the busiest for ski tourists. The study only took into account hotels or condominiums that were rated at least three stars and were located inside the individual resorts.

Skiers in Beaver Creek Colorado hotels may expect to pay an average of $304 per night for the cheapest double lodging. The adjacent resort of Vail, which came in second on the study, is only a few dollars cheaper. Snowbird, in Salt Lake City County, is Utah’s most costly resort. With an average nightly price of $279, it is the third most expensive in North America. The World Ski Championships, which are held in Beaver Creek and Vail during the first two weeks of February, undoubtedly have a considerable influence on accommodation rates in these two resort areas. Snowbird would have been the most costly resort this year if it hadn’t been for the event.

Beaver Creek’s Entertainment Budget

The average cost of entertainment and activities in Beaver Creek is $43 per person, per day. This covers costs paid for museum and attraction entry tickets, day excursions, and other sightseeing expenses. A heated enclosed patio and Jacuzzi are located near the river and recreation route. Don’t forget to pick up some pool toys from the Gear Garage for the youngsters. There are also bikes for people of all ages, board games, a Polaroid camera, and even a GoPro to try out.The exercise facility boasts the nicest view in the neighbourhood and is fully equipped with the latest Techno gym equipment. A great Lavazza coffee bar and a trail mix station are located in the foyer, suitable for a bagel sandwich or an evening grab.