How to prepare for a job interview? (some effective tips)

That’s good! If you were invited, your experience and skills must have been attractive to the employer. Now, almost everything depends on the result of the interview. If you prepare well, you will gain confidence and be better than other candidates. It’s the easiest way to get a job. The candidates get  help on this page know what to expect and thus receive job offers more often.

Preparation for the interview – homework 

 The basic mistake of many candidates is the lack of knowledge about the employer, his goals, and the person who will interview you. Do your homework and get all the information that will provide you with effective preparation for the interview! First, visit the website of the company you are applying to. See what exactly he does, what products he has, how many employees he employs. Go to company LinkedIn, Golden line, and  on the page  check what has happened with them lately.

Competency-based interview

 Many companies, especially large corporations, use key competencies -based approaches. The company chooses the most important qualifications for it, e.g., teamwork, results in orientation, coping with errors, and during the interview, the candidate must demonstrate possession of a given qualification by providing examples from his own experience. How to prepare for a job interview conducted in this way? The most common questions on a job interview (check them here with answers) based on competencies may be: Tell us how you managed to resolve the conflict in your team; Give an example of when you were able to solve the problem in an unconventional way;

 job interview

Before the interview, 

Carefully read the website of the company, check what competencies are looking for, and then develop examples from your own experience. Do you want to ensure good preparation for the interview? Also read:

How to prepare for a job interview? Check your image on the web

 Be sure to check what information a potential employer can find about you online. Enter your name on Google and track all pages where you appear. Check if you have any compromising photos on various websites. Many candidates still have an open Facebook profile. You don’t want the employer to see who and where your party at the weekend, and how did it end? Block your private profiles on social media. See if your privacy settings are protecting you enough. Also, check to see if you are following any fan pages that may discredit you.