How To Liquidate Your Prepaid Visa and MasterCard Cards

Lots of people buy MasterCard or Visa gift cards at various stores during the promotions that provide higher rewards, immediate discounts and mail-in rebates. The discounts will often wipe out purchase fee for the Vanilla Visa Prepaid card as well as allow purchaser to make the modest profit.

Different Ways of Liquidating Your Cards

Pay Bills

Perhaps the obvious way of disposing of these cards will be using it to pay the bills. The companies like Vanilla allow you pay some bills that include a lot of mortgages with the credit cards. Unluckily Visa and MasterCard gift cards, in spite of pin-enabled, are also treated as the credit cards meaning they incur higher fee.

Pay Bills

In addition, you can pay the normal bills and do the local shopping with the cards. Visa and MasterCard gift cards can be accepted for the purchases anywhere that the traditional Visa and MasterCard’s are been accepted. The billers like the utilities who generally accept the credit cards for the payments, may often accept it.

Vanilla Card

You can easily load most of the MasterCard and Visa gift cards to your Vanilla cards (the Vanilla Visa gift cards won’t work in Walmart for transactions above $50 and more.)  Suppose you are not familiar with this system, it is the alternative prepaid card or account that will get loaded at the Walmart.


Loading at Walmart

Among all the Walmart stores MasterCard and Visa gift cards are loaded at register though some of the stores need you go to MoneyCenter. Ensure you tell cashier that you are making use of the debit card in case paying at a register. The MasterCard gift cards run over credit and will be problematic in Walmart.

Buy the Merchant Gift Cards

The merchant gift cards also have become a big business. We cover certain deals for the merchant gift cards over sale for 20% off. So, you may use the prepaid MasterCard or Visa gift cards for buying the merchant gift cards in major retailer as well as on eBay through PayPal.


As most of the profitable prepaid MasterCard or Visa gift cards for buying are generally $100, $200 or $500 denominations, they generally tend to be a lot to give as the gifts. With this said, the special occasions like weddings or graduations warrant higher gifts. Rather than writing the check, you can consider gifting gift cards.