How much do you know about gold jewelry?

This metal has special properties that does notrust and have a very high hardness so it affects in less friction and does not scratch. In this article, we are going to talk about gold. Click here for 916 gold jewellery collection in singapore.

The gold is a pure metal used always alloyed with other metals to improve mechanical properties. Depending on the metals that participate in that alloy and its proportion, we will get the different types of gold used in jewelry.Visit this site for 916 gold jewellery collection in singapore.

24 karat gold

This is gold in its pure state, also called fine gold. It is not used in jewelry because it is too soft, but it is used as a base to generate the different types of gold.

18 karat gold

It is the gold of 1st Law or gold of 750 thousandths. This goldhas 75% fine gold and 25% garter (depending on the shade we want to achieve, it will carry silver, copper, palladium …)

14 carat gold

Also known as 2nd Law gold, it has 58.5% fine gold.

9 carat gold or 375 thousandth gold

It is another quality of gold widely used in Europe, and has 37.5% fine gold.

Yellow gold (18 karat): It carries 75% fine gold and 25% silver and copper in equal parts.

Rose gold (18-carat): It also carries 75% pure gold mixed with silver and copper, but with a higher proportion of copper than silver.