Excellent Content of your Just juice

If you are new to the world of vaping then you should not be well aware of just juice. Just juice is a type of vape juice. If you want to know about it, then you should be exploring its ingredients. Just juice is a type of vape juice that is formed by a blend of 40% vegetable glycerine and it contains propylene glycol as 60%. These eLiquid juices to be vaped does not contain any Vitamin E in them.

The just juice is created from nicotine that is sourced from USA tobacco crops that are grown and harvested domestically. This juice makes use of flavoring that is food grade and is approved by the FDA to be of natural origin. The eLiquids that we make contain distilled water so that the palate remains cleansed. This recipe is best suited for a perfect juice that is highly balanced and contains a sensational flavor and the vapor clouds can create dragon-like shapes that you would love.

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Ingredients of just juice:

  1. PG or propylene glycol: this is a synthetic and organic compound that is formed by synthesizing it from alcohols’ sugar. It is considered to be a humectant. It gives a satisfying, sharp hit to the throat’s back area similar to tobacco. This does not impact the juice’s flavor though.
  2. VG or vegetable glycerin: this is an odorless and clear liquid obtained from plant oils. This is taken mostly from palm plants and its vapor gives a thicker cloud of vapor which gives a smooth effect on your throat and is somewhat sweet for the tastebuds. It can improve flavor and give bigger vapor clouds.
  3. Natural flavor and distilled water: Natural flavoring and distilled water are been applied to the eLiquid blend. Here only FDA-approved natural food-grade flavors are been used. Distilled water is been added to the palate cleanser. These delicate flavors will make the sensational vaping.
  4. Nicotine: Nicotine is the source which is coming from domestically harvested and grown USA tobacco crops. The nicotine is coming out from the American labs. It is of the highest purity.