Everything You Need To Know About Cam Locks

You might already be using cam locks to protect your belongings without even realizing it. A cam lock is one of the most popular universal locks available on the market. These locks are reliable security hardware with a cylinder-shaped body and an arm that rotates and unlocks with a key. A cam lock can be installed inside the enclosure to prevent it from sticking to the front. Cabinets, lockers, and other enclosures can be secured using cam locks in many ways. Read on to find out different uses of a cam lock.

What Are The Various Applications Of Cam Locks? 

  • Cabinets: Cam locks are a good addition for cabinets and cupboards that house precious objects. Maintaining the security of your valuables is essential whether you are a collector or have possessions with significant sentimental or monetary value. You should also keep medicines, chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances out of reach, and doing so is very simple.
  • Drawers: Your desk drawers are probably full of private information and sensitive material that should be kept secure. Cam Locks are common for these uses due to their discretion and ability to be installed on small and big surfaces.

Mailboxes:  Mailboxes are placed outside to make it simple for mail carriers to place their mail. The issue with these boxes is that you have to keep the lids open all day. You can have a water-resistant cam lock installed on your mailbox. Mailbox-specific locks often include stainless steel and nickel satin finishes, a 90° cam rotation, and can be rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise.