Cleaning of residential, commercial & industrial ventilation ducts by one of our teams. Reputed and Affordable Cleaning Experts is proud to be the “Consumer’s Choice” for years including 2019.  To give you more, we work with the most powerful factory and equipment trucks for dryer vent cleaning jacksonville fl    Our more powerful factory trucks are offered exclusively with us in the province of Quebec at the time of writing. Call us for a free estimate.


Our powerful motor-driven rotary nozzle system is combined with a 300 psi compressed air jet and removes dirt from the pipes in an unparalleled way. While our rotating nozzles fit the circumference of all residential and commercial ducts to remove dirt from the ducts by brushing and forced air simultaneously, our powerful trucks pull everything out of your home. Whether ultrafine dust or golf balls, what is in your ducts is expelled in a powerful draft and reaches our truck in two seconds. When cleaning, ask our technician photos before and after cleaning in your ducts.

dryer vent cleaning jacksonville fl

For clean air without micro powder, require a factory truck

The micro-dust accumulated in your ducts is as fine as smoke particles and it passes through any filter. Because it is so thin, this dryer vent cleaning jacksonville fl    is also the most harmful. Indeed, the finest dust is dangerous because it is absorbed into the blood when breathing as explained in a recent study (November 2017) that we invite you to read on the Health Canada website. Thank you for viewing this recent Health Canada study on fine dust. While small portable cleaning machines are going to throw this invisible, invisible dust into your air, a factory truck is sucking it all out. In addition, the risk factor of portable duct cleaning machines is aggravated, because filters and bags of machines are used by several customers and are more or less in good condition due to the suction of screws, nail, pebbles, etc. Obviously, these equipment carry dust whose origin you can not know and which is likely to spread at home. For these reasons, Cleaning-Experts has eliminated from its equipment portable machines and invested in factory trucks for several years. Except for special cases, when the factory truck does not allow access to the place to be cleaned.

Duct cleaning is required? Call us, we move air.

While many of our serious competitors also use factory trucks, we offer duct cleaning with the most powerful factory trucks in Quebec. Our trucks draw 16,000 cubic feet of air per minute which gives us a definite advantage in eliminating more dust, especially the finer one (see Health Canada hyperlink cited above