For more security for house and other places like gym cabinet locks are used. More security is provided with cam locks, cabinet lock systems in Malaysia. These types of locks are used for more of security and safe purpose.


These are based on location to secure them. Type of locks we buy may differ accordingly. Am type of locks and cabinets are more over not a same type for security. There are some of the different types of features compared to others. These are a type of cylindrical and faster one. These are help full for interior lock types and one of the cabinet types of lock used out side the doors of houses.

 For completely securing a full cabinet under privacy from the others a cam type of lick is the most essential one.  It just needed with a key for opening it from outside. These type of locks are fixed to the joints of door and it will be tough for one to try without key. Cabinet locks and cam locks are same but they are developed in such a way to be slightly smaller than standard locks.

As they are smaller in size they will be help full in placing cash registers etc. For electronic type of locks the technology has been increased and these are help full in installing and it takes the advantage to be keyless. These locks are mostly used in Malaysia. Unlike other types digital lockers are specialised in usage.